Murder is Served

Stay Vigilant, my Friends.

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Performance Venue

Chef Eric Johnson & Co.

222 Blanchard St.

W. Monroe, LA


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Age Requirements

Q: Are there any age restriction?

A: There are generally no age restrictions, however we will advise if care should be taken for a particular show. 


Q: What beverages are included?

A: The usual fare is Iced Tea and water. If your taste requires something more hearty ranging from sodas to cocktails, it’ll cost you extra, but will be well worth the money.

Children’s Menu

Q: Is there a separate menu for children?

A: Our chefs believe children deserve as good a meal as the grown ups, so please choose from the regular selection for your budding sleuths.

Cocktails, Beer, Wine and other Libations

Q: What kind of drinks are available?

A: A full bar and cocktail service is available.


Q.  Is gratuity included in your price?

A.  No, gratuity is not built in to our prices.  Please be very considerate of the wait staff.  We couldn't do this without them..

Interactive Theater / Audience Participation

Q: Does the audience get involved?

A: Yes. It’s up to you as to how involved you want to get. We have a unique style of audience friendly improvisation that always makes the audience look good. There is plenty of opportunity for you to be involved, even playing out a wrong answer at the end if you are lucky enough to be chosen.

Number of Guests

Q: How many people does the restaurant accommodate?

A: We can seat up to 80 guests.


Q: How do I get the best seats? Are some seats better than others?

A: Most shows are designed for optimal viewing from any area of the room.

Shows Off Site

Q: Do you perform your show at other locations?

A: Yes.  We have performed for many organizations,  so if you are interested in having a show at a location of your choice, give us a call.


Q: Is there a stage?

A: The performers work in, throughout and among the audience, using the entire restaurant as the stage.


Q: How far in advance do I need to purchase tickets?

A: Provided we have seats available, you can purchase tickets right up until showtime. We recommend you call at least one to two weeks in advance to assure availability.


Q: Where do I pick up my tickets?  How much are the tickets?

A: We do not issue tickets per se; you can access your seating at the restaurant when your party checks in.  Show prices are $50 or $45 depending on your choice of entree'.


Q: What time does the evening start? end?

A: The entire experience is about 3 hours… For our regular performances, the doors open at 6:30pm and the first scene starts at 7pm.  Generally, around 10 pm, the murder is solved, the guilty are carted away and the innocent are free to go.